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What We Do

The content presented on this website will provide you with enough informaton for you to decide if you'd like to use our service or obtain more information.

We are a business that provides consulting  related to e-learning, selecting legal representation, & establishing a business presence in Nevada.

The services we offer:  (1.) fingerprinting, (2.) document scanning, (3.) ID card printing, (4.) notary signing agent, (5.) data recovery, & I-9/E-Verify employer agent.

The Portfolio page has examples & demos of our e-learning development services.

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In most cases, you provide the material, instructions, or connect us with the designated Project Manager or Subject Matter expert. 

For fingerprinting, notary public, registered agent - the person or business owner will come to our office with the proper documentation, or valid ID.

Attorney services, document scanning, ID card printing, and learning evaluation development will require an account, contract or monthly subscription.

Adobe Connect is used to meet with you online, live to discuss the progress of your project or to meet with your Project Manager/Subject Matter expert.

Support Tickets are used to address customer support requests.